Traditional Crafting into Modern Fashion - Something Special for Everyone!

Over half a decade ago, I made the decision to take my beading online to see what the demand was. With the help of my friend- business partner, I started with typical Wixarika essentials - dainty flower earrings, peyote earrings, scorpion bracelets etc.
Soon after began the custom requests. My customers loved the beaded jewelry BUT they wanted something that they could relate to. Being online and international, these requests came in from many cultures and demographics and they all wanted something a little different. That's when a little light bulb went on and after some discussion and planning with my partner Ivan, our concept was born: Traditional and Contemporary Fashion Jewelry with Bohemian and Tribal Flare - Fashion Accessible to and designed for Everyone!

In the early Mexico days, I had no time to design. Orders came in so fast and I beaded around the clock trying to keep up. I didn't think I could do it alone and I couldn't. I reached out to one of my closes Wixarika friends (Adela) and she became my right hand woman, moving from her village to the city to help. Just as talented in making the highest quality stitching, she kept and still keeps me afloat. Today, we've composed an amazing team of Wixarika and Cora ladies (and some boys too) and together we've made our way one bead at a time. Kids go to school and bellies are full because of these little beads and its something that we're all very proud about.

Present day Biulu Artisan Boutique is full of optimism and momentum and it's pretty much ALL because our customers are amazing and this has pushed me to step up my game.
To give better service and continue positive growth, I decided to move part of the company to Canada. Secure, fast shipping, easier access to resources and better overall logistics were required. That being said, I now use Canada as my shipping center and it's where I design new styles and bead custom orders. My partner is Canadian so this move was the logical choice.
Back in Mexico, Adela and the rest of the team are busier than ever and we continue to take on more indigenous ladies in need of work. If Canada is the brain of the operation, Mexico is the heart that feeds it.
Most recently, we've welcomed three new bag makers all with their own unique styles and I enjoy working on design with them. You can look for them in the several sections provided on the shop's homepage.

In another year or two I'll be able to add to this story and I can't wait. I hope you enjoyed the read, and wish you a lovely day,

Lydia & the Biulu Team ❤

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